Live Music Montreal

Keith Ford & Glenn Miller
With Special Guest Slim Williams


R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop


Experience: When a more spirited show is required, Keith and Glenn invite their good friend Slim Williams to join them. With his smooth keyboard stylings, his soulful vocal delivery, coupled with backing tracks and drum loops, Slim helps them bring the party to any gathering.

Keith Ford

Keith Ford

Singer and guitarist

Keith is an accomplished singer and guitarist who has honed his craft over the past 45 years in venues all over Canada. From pub stages to concert halls with symphony orchestras, Keith has spread his special kind of musical love to widespread acclaim.

Beginning with highschool dances in the 70’s, the heyday of the hair bands of the 80’s; the Montreal blues scene of the 90’s; Celtic bands in the 2000’s; He has connected deeply with audiences at every stage. As a sought after studio musician, he has appeared on a number of other artists’ recordings and is now poised to soon capture the sound of his own songs with a highly anticipated CD. You might say he is just getting started!

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller

Percussionist & conga player

Cuban-trained percussionist and conga player Glenn Miller was a regular at the famous House of Jazz Club in Montreal and Laval. He also shares the stage with groups such as the Bob Ricci Band, Atomic Glam, Slim Williams and the famous DJ Martin Poitras during special events.

In 2020, Glenn Miller has teamed up with one of Montreal’s top singers, guitarists and songwriters, Keith Ford, to produce a unique musical duo that will appear on stage at this year’s music fundraising event. Strangers in the Night.

The Ford-Miller duo currently plays in the best concert halls in Montreal such as the Maison du Jazz in Laval, the Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal and many private rooms and wedding celebrations.

Slim Williams

Slim Williams

Film composer, actor, singer & songwriter

Fate led Slim and three other American musicians to Montreal, Canada where the group “Tchukon” was formed. Slim helped propel the band to national heights when they won theCBC’s Rock Wars (Best Band in Canada) and then on to win The U.S talent competition Star Search (Best Band in North America). He himself has performed with legendary artists such asBo Diddley, Ben E King, Big Mama Thorton and has shared the stage with artists includingSmokey Robinson, Oscar Peterson, Daniel Lavoie, The Neville Brothers and Joe Cocker just to name a few.
As a Musical Director, Williams has been involved with some colossal projects such as the Atlanta Olympic Games TV special, The World Basketball Championships in Toronto and five years with the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival working with such greats as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer and Joy Behar.

Slim has also established himself as a seasoned actor by having over thirty films under his belt acting alongside such names as: Pam Grier, Nick Nolte, Roy Dupuis, Vanessa Williams, Morris Chestnut, Alan Alda. He held principal roles in the films Jack Paradise (with Roy Dupuis) which showcased his French speaking and acting ability; multi-award winning short film Next Floor, directed by Denis Villeneuve with the musical score by Williams; and most recently, Lee Daniels’ new film: The United States vs Billie Holiday, where not only did he have a principal role but was also the on-set musical director