Live Music Montreal

Jean-Christophe Germain

A violinist and singer since the age of 7, before arriving in Quebec in 2013, he played the most prestigious stages in France and overseas: the Olympia and Le Zénith in Paris, the Atrium in Martinique, to name but a few, with the legendary Martinique group Malavoi. and a host of Caribbean artists of all genres.

No sooner had he arrived in Montreal than he was noticed alongside Félix Stüssi (jazz pianist), Mario St-Amand and Daniel Bellegarde, and has since gravitated from project to project, including the last two Quebec tours of La Compagnie Créole.

After a brief career as a teacher, he is now 100% committed to music. You can now catch him solo on a jazz-pop repertoire, with his KréyoLounge concept (from duo to quintet), alongside Mélanie Charrier, Olivier Rangu and Miss Mya, and now the Keith Ford and Glenn Miller duo.

jean-christophe germain